It all started in the 1990's...


A few years later, when his newborn son


was diagnosed with a rare congenital


heart defect, Dr. Sharon and his wife


realized that performing an ECG


assessment for children is a complex


task, even for the most experienced







All our products share this approach:


Simple, fast, and reliable.


That’s what we do.


We offer solutions that keep health



"Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death globally."

(World Health Organization)


To fulfill this need, Dr.Sharon developed the first model of the reusable ECG Electrodes Belt which was introduced to the market in 1997.

While working in a mobile intensive care unit, Dr. Sharon identified a true need. He realized that when called to a patient's home, a full ECG assessment must be preformed to avoid a cardiac event.

Since then, our ECG belts have been sold and used worldwide in hospitals, clinics and mobile care units. 

As a result a new product was born –

Our Kids Belt - An ECG belt designed especially for children, now introduced to the market.


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