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LevMed 12-lead ECG Belts

Save Time & Money in Clinical Trials

12-lead ECG/EKG exams are time and budget consuming in almost all Clinical Trials.
Our ECG/EKG Electrode Belts will save you and your customers time and money.

For CROs, Clinical Research Suppliers, and Pharma companies, please complete your details

We’d be happy to offer you our LevMed ECG Belt Introduction Kit:

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Simple & Fast Application

 Easy to Use, Plug & Play

Repetitive Application

 Same electrode location in all patient visits

 Patch Free

 No Gel, No Peel


 Cost Effective, No Disposables


 Connect to all ECG/EKG Devices.                 For Professionals & Non-Professionals                For Men & Women.               One Size Fits All.

 For more information please visit us at

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