LevMed AllBrand 12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt Works with All ECG Brands

Our ECG Electrodes belts are sold and used over 20 years worldwide on a daily basis, in hospitals, clinics, rescue teams, airlines, sport centers, and mobile care units.

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Considering the Corona virus situation, Levmed's activities will continue regularly.

Although we have taken steps to limit, meetings and visits as much as possible, we maintain operations and the commitment to Supply our ECG Electrodes belts to our customers.
Our ECG Belts are very easy to clean and sanitize, and can be cleaned by any disinfection material used in hospitals for cleaning medical devices. The silicon compound includes hygienic protection.
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LevMed (Tapuz) ECG Belts are now available with the integrated Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function for optimal protection.

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Levmed is a proud sponsor of MIFRASIM

Levmed is a proud sponsor of MIFRASIM - a non-profit organization.