Three more reasons for using the Levmed 12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt

A few short questions and answers which outline the benefits of using the Levmed 12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt for your clinic and your patients:

  1. Question: Is gel required when using Levmed ECG Electrodes belt ? Answer: No, Gel is not required, just Tap water to wet the electrodes

  2. Question: Is Levmed ECG Electrodes belt good for 12 Lead ECG test? Answer: Yes Levemd ECG Electrodes belt is a Medical Grade 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belt.

  3. Question: Does Levmed ECG Electrodes belt include hygienic protection? Answer: Yes, Levmed ECG Electrodes belt silicon compound includes hygienic protection, which destroys more than 99% of bacteria.

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