LevMed AllBrand™ ECG Electrode Belt with Straps

One size fits all - Elastic
  • Intended for 12-lead Rest ECG
  • Compatible with all 12-lead ECG brands
  • Connect to lead wires using Snap or Clip Connectors
  • Built-in 6 chest Ag/AgCL electrodes P With Handles / Straps
  • No maintenance Electrodes and Plastic Parts may be replaced on-site
  • With Hygienic protection
Provided with:
  • 4 limb clamp Ag/AgCl electrodes
  • Banana to Clip adaptors (for 3&4 mm leadwires)
  • Soft Carry Case
12 month warranty Warranty provided for silicone parts.

* Note: All AllBrandTM ECG Belts are supplied without ECG patient cable.