12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt

12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt

AllBrand™ 12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt

  • Elastic - One size fits all Men & Women

  • Intended for 12-lead Rest ECG

  • Compatible with all 12-lead ECG brands

  • Connect to lead wires using Snap or Clip Connectors

  • Built-in 6 precordial electrodes

  • With Handles / Straps

  • No maintenance Electrodes and Plastic Parts may be replaced on-site

  • With Hygienic protection

Provided with:

  • 4 limb clamp Ag/AgCl electrodes

  • Soft Carry Case


* Note: All AllBrandTM ECG Belts are supplied without ECG patient cable.

Our new Allbrand (Universal) ECG Electrodes belt brochure is available now in English, French, Spanish, and Italian





Levmed ECG belts includes hygienic protection by Sanitized
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