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LevMed Mobile ECG  Kit Brochure: IOS version Android/PC version

Use Anywhere

LevMed Mobile ECG Kit



At LevMed we bring 12-lead diagnostic hospital grade ECG assessments at anytime to anyone, anywhere in the world.


Our goal is to make cardiac medical solutions accessible to all; even in the most remote and locations and rural areas.


​Using LevMed ECG Mobile Kit, a 12-lead ECG can be performed by anyone. The results may then be transmitted for interpretation by a professional anywhere in the world. From rural areas to airlines, yachts, and oil rigs.


Using LevMed ECG Mobile Kit enables diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease in developing countries. From an interview with Dr. Martin Opion, Medical Director of Kitovu Hospital, Masaka, Uganda:

“ECGs in rural settings are rare… Hypertension and LVH are very common and very easily missed... with LevMed 12-lead ECG the assessment is easy, cheap, can be done by anyone, and should become a routine”

See the full interview here

Levmed ECG belts includes hygienic protection by Sanitized
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