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Frequently asked questions

A few questions we received about our Levmed 12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt:

  • How long do Levmed ECG Electrodes belt last?
    On average, Levmed ECG Electrodes belt last for more than 24 Months.
  • Does the Levmed ECG Electrode belt perform 12 Lead ECG ?
    Yes, All Levemd ECG Electrodes belts perform 12 Lead rest ECG test.
  • Does using the Levmed ECG Electrode belt require patient shaving?
    No need to shave the patient chest hair while using Levmed 12 ECG Electrodes belt. Have any
  • Can Levmed ECG Electrodes belt connect to all ECG devices in the market?
    Yes, allbrand ( Universal ) ECG Electrodes belt connects to All ECG brands via standard patient cable.
  • Does Levmed ECG Electrode belt come in different sizes?
    Yes, Levemd ECG Electrodes belts is elastic made of proprietary Silicon compound and can be stretched to accommodate different body sizes, women and men.
  • How do you clean the Levmed ECG Electrodes belt?
    Levmed ECG Electrodes belt can be cleaned by any disinfection material used in hospitals for cleaning medical devices. The silicon compound includes hygienic protection.
  • Is gel required when using Levmed ECG Electrodes belt?
    No, Gel is not required, just Tap water to wet the electrodes
  • Is Levmed ECG Electrodes belt good for 12 Lead ECG test?
    Yes Levemd ECG Electrodes belt is a Medical Grade 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belt.
  • Does Levmed ECG Electrodes belt include hygienic protection?
    Yes, Levmed ECG Electrodes belt silicon compound includes hygienic protection, which destroys more than 99% of bacteria.
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