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12 Lead ECG screening for Athletes

12 Lead ECG screening for Athletes

According to the law in certain countries, every competing athlete has to go through an annual screening examination.

This examination includes a questionnaire, a physical examination, and a 12-lead Rest ECG. The Rest ECG assessment allows us to diagnose over 95% of the reasons for sudden cardiac deaths in athletes. These include arrhythmias, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and other cardiac issues.

In the Center for Sports Medicine, 12-lead Rest ECG assessments have been done for many years applying the LevMed ECG Belt.

The use of LevMed ECG Belts provides us with several advantages:

(a) it is very easy to apply, no professional or clinical knowledge are required ;

(b) shaving, disposable electrodes, and gel are not required ;

(c) application time is significantly shorter compared to the traditional methods ;

(d) assessment costs are lower.

As large number of athletes assessed daily, significant cost and time are saved. With the LevMed ECG Belt, the assessment process is very efficient and more friendly to both the clinical team and the patients. All, while achieving a very accurate printing of the ECG.

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