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LevMed Mobile ECG Kits in Resource Poor Rural Hospitals

LevMed ECG Belts in Resource Poor Rural Hospitals in Developing Countries.

Read the full publication in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, by Dr. John Kellett Here

Although the electrocardiogram (ECG) is a rapid, valuable and non-invasive test, most machines are delicate, relatively expensive and require servicing and the use of consumables such as paper and electrodes. The secure storage of ECG tracings also incurs additional costs. All these factors limit ECG use and availability in the developing world.

A study conducted in Kitovu hospital, a rural missionary resource poor hospital, in Masaka, Uganda, demonstrates the advantages of LevMed ECG Belts when used by inexperienced nursing staff. This study shows that over 90% of the ECG recordings were interpretable after the first attempt and 99% after the second. The cost of performing ECGs and securely storing them was negligible.

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