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Dr. Ian Clarke gives LevMed a Thumbs Up

After visiting us in Kitovu Hospital, a rural missionary hospital in Masaka, Uganda, Dr. Ian Clarke wrote about our project in the Ugandan Sunday Vision.

“I was visiting the hospital because another ‘retired’ Irish doctor, Dr John Kellet, was doing some research on electrocardiograph (ECG) screening for hypertension (blood pressure). The machine he was using (supplied by an Israeli company, LevMed), was so simple to use that the hospital had carried out 1,600 ECGs over the prior nine months, having done none before that…

When I visited the ward they carried out an ECG on a young man who had been admitted for malaria, but the test also showed that he had Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) – thickening of the wall of the heart. This can be due to several conditions, but the commonest is high blood pressure because the heart is forced to pump harder and thus the wall becomes more muscular. Out of one thousand six hundred patients they have screened they found 20% of the patients had evidence of thickening of the heart muscle, which is far higher than expected, and provides the basis for much needed research on the peculiar features of high blood pressure in Africans.”

Read the full article by Dr. Ian Clarke here

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