ECG Belts with integrated Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function

LevMed (Tapuz) ECG Belts are now available with the integrated Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function for optimal protection.

Sanitized® Technology Sanitized® hygiene function is now incorporated in LevMed ECG Belts to offer optimal protection. The Sanitized® antimicrobial silver additive protects the ECG Belts. The silver additive is a scientifically undisputed substance. Its effect on bacteria is well known. The Sanitized® technology uses a glass ceramic capsule, to ensure that the antibacterial protective treatment is firmly anchored to the ECG Belt, thus achieving long-lasting protection. The antimicrobial silver ions cannot diffuse from the ECG Belt thanks to the glass ceramic Sanitized® technology.

Independent laboratory tests according to the quantitative analysis for determination of bacteriostatic activity per ISO 22196 standard have proven that Sanitized® on a silver base reduces the bacteria population by over 99%.

Determination of Antimicrobial Activity

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