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Dedicated or Allbrand (Universal)

Levmed has two main product lines of 12 Lead reusable ECG Electrodes belts:

Allbrand ( Universal ) ECG Electrodes belt and Dedicated ECG Electrodes belt, both are indicated for 12 Lead rest ECG Assessment, so what are the differences?

The Allbrand ECG Electrodes belt, include 6 built-in precordial electrodes and connect to any ECG device in the market directly to the patient cable either by snap or pin connection. The limb electrodes are included in the package and connect also to the patient cable.

Dedicated 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belt includes a cable which connects to ECG patient cable socket on the ECG device and has 6 built-in precordial electrodes and also Left Arm ( LA), Right Leg (RL), and Right Arm (RA) built-in electrodes.

Since this belt connects to the patient cable socket on the ECG device, compatibility must be checked with your sales rep before purchasing the belt.

Both products come in straps or hooks ( handles) configuration. Hooks are more intuitive to apply and straps configuration may fit a larger span of body sizes.

So, which is better for me?

If you are not sure about compatibility or would like to be able to switch the belt between ECG devices, go with the Allbrand ECG Electrodes belt.

If you are sure about compatibility or don't intend to switch between ECG devices, you may choose the dedicated.

All our products are made from high grade silicon compound and include hygienic protection by Sanitized AG.


For more details regarding our ECG Electrodes belts , please contact us at


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