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Exclusive distribution agreement with Alma Solutions Inc.

Exclusive distribution agreement with Alma Solutions Inc.

We have recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Alma Solutions Inc. for the distribution of our Allbrand™ Universal 12 Lead ECG/EKG Electrodes belt in the USA.

The Allbrand™ ECG/EKG Electrodes belt connects to any 12 lead ECG/EKG device via standard patient cable for conducting 12 Lead rest ECG/EKG exam for adults.

Allbrand™ is made of high-performance medical grade silicon compound which has incredible elastic characteristics and no “memory” which means that it can stretch to fit any body size, women or men, and return to its normal length even after many thousands of usages.

The silicon compound includes hygienic protection by Sanitized AG,

The Allbrand™ 12 Lead ECG/EKG electrodes belt is reusable thus eliminates the need for disposables electrodes: cost-saving and less waste.

The electrodes are embedded into the silicon belt and attached to the patient's body without using any adhesive: no need for shaving the male patients and no pain when the belt is removed from the body.

Application of the belt to the body is fast and easy, the learning curve is short.

The product comes in two configurations: Hooks (Handles) and Straps

The Hooks is more intuitive to place yet the straps cover a larger span of body sizes.

Please follow the link for a short how-to-use guide

The Allbrand™ 12 Lead ECG/EKG electrodes belt is manufactured in Israel and is sold for over 10 years in Europe and in Israel.

Among its users: Health Care providers, Physician offices, Rescue teams, ER’s, Armies including IDF, Nursing homes, Remote care providers, Homecare providers, and Sport medicine providers.

Levmed Ltd is registered by FDA and the Allbrand™ 12 Lead ECG/EKG electrodes belt is listed with the FDA and cleared for sales in the USA


About Alma Solutions Inc

imports and markets advanced and unique medical products to benefit healthcare facilities and organizations. Alma Solutions specializes in identifying and distributing medical products and technologies that are used in other parts of the world to provide true added value to healthcare providers and consumers in America.

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