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Levmed Hospital Grade 12 Lead ECG assessment Anywhere by Anyone

Levmed Hospital Grade 12 Lead ECG assessment Anywhere by Anyone

A 12 Lead Rest ECG is a basic medical test used to detect signs of cardiac problems. Based on these signs medical treatment can be given.

Levmed brings hospital-grade 12 Lead cardiac assessment anywhere in the world.

Levmed 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belt replaces the vacuum pumps electrodes or patch electrodes.

The advantages of using Levmed 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belt are:

  • Ease of use can be used by professionals and non-professionals.

  • No need to shave the patient or apply gel.

  • The belt is made from a special silicon compound – Elastic, one size fits women and men.

  • With hygienic protection By Sanitized AG

  • Re-usable, reduce medical waste, and save cost.

  • Compatible with all 12 Lead ECG brands.

  • Connected to any patient cable using snap or clip connectors.

  • Built-in 6 precordial electrodes.

  • Durable - Maintenance-free.

  • Electrodes and plastic parts may be replaced on the customer site by the customer.

  • Supplied with:

  • handles (hooks)- more intuitive to apply or with straps – cover a wider range of body sizes.

  • For Limb Electrodes

  • Banana to Clip adaptors (3mm&4mm lead wires)

  • Used over 20 years worldwide by hospitals. Clinics, Rescues teams, Police forces, Fire Fighters, off-shore installations, Air-Line companies, and armies

  • Regulatory status:

  • Class 1 device according to the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2017/ 745 of European Parliament and of the council of 5 April 2017 on medical devices

  • Class 2 device, 510K exempt in the USA, listing number D258369

For availability in your country please contact us at

and we will refer to the local distributor.

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