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Medica 2022 in Dusseldorf Germany

Levmed is proud to celebrate the uniqueness of everyone

We are proud and happy to meet with our distributors and customers in Medica

Like always we presented our 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belts: The Allbrand™ (Universal) which connects to any standard patient cable and the dedicated 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belt including patient cable which connects to a specific ECG device.

All our products come in two configurations: Handles (Hooks) which are more intuitive to apply and Straps which cover a larger variety of body sizes, and include hygienic protection integrated into the silicon compound which reduces bacteria load by more than 99%.

Our ECG Electrodes belts are sold for over 20 years worldwide and are used in hospitals, clinics, rescue teams, and remote locations.

We were happy and proud to be again at Medica and hopefully, we will be again in Medica 2023.

LevMed 12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt.

12 Lead ECG has never been more simple

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