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Looking forward to meeting with you at Medica

Levmed at Medica 2019

12 Lead ECG is standard of care medical exam for diagnosing heart ischemia.

Levmed's 12 Lead reusable ECG Electrodes belt replaces the traditional vacuum pump electrodes and patch electrodes:

  • Fast and Simple application

  • Elastic – Made of special Silicon compound - one size fits all - women and men

  • Patient comfort - No shave , No gel • Affordable – Reusable , No Disposables

  • Hygienic protection embedded into the Silicon Our 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belts are sold and used over 20 years worldwide, in hospitals, clinics and remote locations by professionals and non-professionals.

For more information please visit our booth at Medica, Hall 9 / Booth C11

Contact us at


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